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Mory-tnte Mondial Express (Malaysia) Moves Ship Hull Mold for Qatari Navy

Mory-tnte Mondial Express recently moved 1 unit of Hull Mold for the Qatari Navy. We handled the loading, lashing, transportation and freight for this highly sensitive and fragile cargo.

There were many challenges faced when moving this cargo from the shipper’s premises up to the port. Firstly, the main challenge was to load this cargo onto a 1 x 40’ flat rack as the dimensions of the Hull was 47 feet in Length, 12 feet in width and 11.5 feet in height. The 4 corners of the flat rack were obstructed by the flanges of the Hull. Mory-Tnte’s Project team sat with the shipper’s engineers to identify a way to ensure the Hull was carefully placed onto the flat rack without obstructing the 4 lifting corners. After a long discussion, a decision was made to position the front end of the hull further to the front of the flat rack which provided more allowance for the back of the flat rack lifting points to be obstruction free. The shipper had agreed to cut some of the flanges off the Hull to ensure the lifting points were clear for lifting. Once the modifications were done, Mory-Tnte team had escorted this Oversized cargo from the shipper’s premise to the port which took about 5 hours by road. Due to the oversized nature of the cargo, the port was not able to offload the cargo at their yard so a direct loading arrangement was the only solution. Mory-Tnte had to position their truck at the port for 3 days awaiting the vessel arrival. Upon vessel arrival, Mory-tnte’s Project Team ensured a close monitoring and was physically present to witness the loading of the Hull onto the vessel. This was very crucial as the port terminal team was unsure of how the Hull should be lifted due to the Oversize of the cargo. Mory-Tnte’s Project team assisted them accordingly.

For more information, please contact: Mr. N. Thaswin: thaswin@mory-tnte.com

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