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The Great Accomplishment from Global Shipping Services

Global Shipping Services, Houston Project Team was recently contracted to handle the offload, staging and delivery for the below cargo.

  • 167 Pieces
  • 2 Compressors at 218,000kgs each
  • 1 Booster Unit @ 56,700kgs
  • 164 Misc crates ranging from 200ks to 50,000kgs each

The vessel BBC Sapphire, docked at the Port of Calhoun, Point Comfort TX (2hrs south of Houston).

Safety meetings were held at 6.45am, Truckers, Vessel, Stevedores, Surveyors and GSS personnel all attended, daily.
Once the vessel was secured and US Customs boarded and released the vessel, discharge operations started at 1pm on Friday 28th.

With the trailers Pre-Staged to receive cargo both direct and from the dock, the cargo started to move quickly and seamlessly.

The transport trucks and trailers had been pre-staged by the GSS team so we could begin receiving and transporting the cargo to local plant immediately.

No storage on the dock was allowed, so all cargo discharged each day from the vessel had to be delivered to the plant, same day.

The discharge operation continued until 2000hrs on Friday evening.

At the plant end, the rigging crew with Cranes and 4-point Hydraulic Gantry system were set up to receive the loads. Later in the day they called in mobile lights to enable them to unload late into the evening to keep the trucks moving.

Saturday 29th: 0645am, Safety meeting

Discharge from the vessel commenced at 0700hrs,

At 10am the 1st piece at 218,000kgs (480,602lbs) was direct discharged to 18 axle SPMT alongside.

Global Shipping Services had Paul McAuley, VP Projects and Brandon Graddy, Projects Manager on site to coordinate with the vessel, stevedores, truckers, riggers and the consignee to ensure no delays and a smooth operation throughout.

Overall the operation went perfectly with no delays at any stage of the transportation planning. Everyone came together to provide excellent service and excellent communication.

The vessel offloading continued until all pieces were off loaded.

After all cargo was delivered safely, with the Marine Surveyor and the Consignee and final thorough walk thru of all cargo was completed on Sunday afternoon to re check that the cargo was delivered safely and undamaged.

For more information, please contact Paul McAuley at paul-mcauley@glship.com or Brandon Graddy at Brandon-graddy@glship.com

Paul (Left) and Brandon (Right)

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