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Farcont Project, Ukraine Moves Crane Parts to Vaasa, Finland

Farcont Project team has managed the delivery of prefabricated crane parts from Ukraine to Vaasa, Finland.

It took the team 10 days to complete the delivery by road with a route distance of 2700 km, including a ferry journey from Poland to Finland. The most challenging portion of the project was transporting the biggest girders with a length of 36m, a height of 3.2 m, and a weight of 34 tons.

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Farcont Project LLC provides international logistics services since 2005. We offer our customers effective logistics solutions for the transportation, transshipment, relocation, storage, and installation of various types of goods. We specialize in Project and OOG cargos handling TO/FROM Ukraine, Moldova, and CIS countries, including relocation and installation services. Our main areas of expertise include:

· Oil & gas equipment, pipes, oil & gas drilling rigs various types and purposes, gas turbines
· Nuclear power plants and nuclear fuel storages parts and equipment
· Green energy projects commodities (Solar and WTG)
· Mining and construction machinery any types including a tower, gantry, crawler, and STS cranes
· Military cargoes

Contact: Yuriy Kovalenko <kovalenko.y@farcont-project.com.ua>