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SOTRANS Logistics Vietnam - The Most Modern Blade Adapter in Vietnam

SOTRANS continues to undertake the most important super-long and super-important cargo transportation projects in Vietnam in many different industries.

SOTRANS has full equipment for project cargo transport: Special Prime Mover, Hydraulic Modular Trailer, Water Transport Facilities Cranage, Specialized Tools, Conventional Tractor, Tugboats with 10.624 tons loading capacity equipment.

· The Most Modern Blade Adapter in Vietnam:

We are also honored to become the Logistics contractor of the Windfarm project in Quang Binh Province, Vietnam. The blade adapters are mounted on 10-axle hydraulic trailers (with lifting capacity up to 340 tons); they can transport a wind turbine blade over 80m in length weighing up to 30 tons with a payload moment up to 600-meter tonnes. This is specialized equipment used for difficult terrain such as mountainous areas with many bends and obstacles like electric lines. Three blade adapters were imported directly from Shanghai to Haiphong Port by a breakbulk vessel that SOTRANS is a charterer.

· The Last Piperack Module weighing up to 1,382T of B&C package under The Petrolimex Complex in the South of Vietnam Project:

From 19th to 26th February 2021, the 1382-tonne PP-PAU-002 module of Package B&C under the Petrochemical Complex in the South of Vietnam Project was received, transported, and installed successfully by SOTRANS. Module PP-Pau-002 belongs to the HDPE & PP plant of the Petrochemical Complex in the South of Vietnam Project, has dimensions of 30m x 20m x 56.5m (length x width x height) and weighing more than 1,382 tons, was fully integrated by Vietnamese engineers in Vietnam. Petrochemical Complex in the South of Vietnam Project has received total investment capital up to $5.3 billion and has been the second biggest petrochemical project in Vietnam. As planned, the project will complete construction and be put into operation by the end of 2022, and the commercial operation will start in early 2023. The project is expected to create more than 1,000 skilled positions and contribute around $60 million per year.

Contact: Vanessa <agency@sotrans.com.vn>