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Axis Shipping Brazil and Maltacourt UK Team Up for Urgent Multi-Modal Air Charter Operation

Once again, Axis Shipping has been trusted for an important operation. This time, we had the challenge to transport 70 tons over the Atlantic by Air. Due to the weight and dimensions of the cargo, it is usually transported via ocean freight. However, it was delivered by air for the first time due to the urgency of the importer.

The shafts left Derbyshire in the UK and moved by road for about 800 KM, having crossed the Gibraltar channel until it arrived in Luxembourg, where the airline team was already in place to receive the goods and start the loading process into the aircraft for a 10-hour flight to Campinas Airport in Brazil. Shipment was received at destination by Thiago Soares, Project and Sales Manager, who oversaw the entire operation. Axis's agent was Maltacourt Limited (London office) with Mr Kennedy leading the operation in the UK.

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The entire operation was completed in 9 days, and it was a huge success. It even got the media's eye, which published a few articles about it and spotted it in the local television news channel.

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Axis prides itself on delivering projects with excellence and always aims for our client's satisfaction. You can always count on Axis for your projects.

Contact: Thiago Soares <thiagosoares@axisshipping.com.br>