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HLI Rail & Rigging Moves 310 MT Transformer with Their Own Schnabel Rail Car

HLI Rail & Rigging of Texas received an urgent request for the delivery of a 682,000 Lb. (310,000kg) power transformer to be delivered to a power plant in Newark, Arkansas. Due to its immense size and weight, railing the unit was the most efficient and realistic means of transportation while also being cost-effective for the customer. HLI employed its own custom-built Schnabel railcar, as it could easily handle the unit's weight, height, and width while also ensuring safe and timely transportation to the customer's site.

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Dimensions of the unit were 29ft long x 18 ft. 03" high x 12ft. 04" wide. (L:8.84m x H:5.6m x W:3.75m)

During the planning stages of the move, it was determined that special adapters would be necessary to connect with the transformer for securing the rail car.HLI procured the necessary adapters, and they were installed to secure the transformer to the railcar.Secondly, the transformer's original height of 23 ft (7m) had to be reduced to a maximum of 18 ft 4" (5.6m) to obtain rail clearance.A shipping cover was fabricated for the unit, reducing its overall height to fit the requirement.The transformer completed its two-day 370-mile rail journey to the power plant in Newark, Arkansas on time and without delay.

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HLI's team mobilized to the railcar's destination, where they diligently took apart the Schnabel railcar to unload the transformer safely. To facilitate the movement of the unit away from the railcar, a hydraulic jack-and-slide-system was constructed.With the customer's transformer clear of the railcar, HLI's crew reconnected the front and rear of the railcar. Upon its completion, the railcar made its way to its next job.Also of note is that the railcar has an optional deck insert rated for 896,600 Lbs. (407,545 kgs) and offers space for loads up to 40 ft, 6 inches at the base.The deck allows the railcar to transport loads that are not designed for direct connections Schnabel loading.To see what HLI Rail & Rigging can do for you, visit www.HLI.us.com.

Contacts: Ross McLaren <ross@HLI.US.COM> or Mike Scott <mike@HLI.US.COM>