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Transitainer, Australia Moves Machinery from Canada to Australia

Transitainer’s customer, a large Australian importer of agricultural machinery, was tasked with a manufacturing plan and target schedule for August/September 2021.

A feasibility study on transport and shipping was undertaken with all relevant transport companies and shipping lines,with target departure date and ETA. The Ro-Ro carrier committed to a fixed pricing structure for the duration of the voyage into Fremantle, Australia.

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The route survey for the 3200 km trip from Saskatchewan, Canadato the US port of Baltimore, Maryland was based on the movement of 30’ foot RGN’s (removable goose neck trailers) including oversize permits and cross border lodgements. That is the ‘long way around’, but unfortunately the shipping lines did not provide any practical West Coast options as they could not give a feeder schedule via Yokohama, Japan, so we had to commit to shipping out of Baltimore on the East Coast.

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Early receivals prior to vessel cut off were planned with equipment washdowns to remove road grime and Fumigation service under BMSB protocols to comply with Australian Quarantine regulations which are mandatory as a policy for all Ro/Ro carriers.

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The departure date of the vessel is October 2 with a six (6) week transit.

Focus on the planning and a high level of “attention to detail” were evident indicative of the reputation of Transitainer!

Contact: Stephan Vassie <stephenv@transitainer.biz>