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Eleven Danir 19 Moves Autoclaves from Germany to Uzbekistan Using Four Modes of Transport

Eleven Danir 19 team in joint work of offices in Germany, Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Uzbekistan performed tailored logistics solutions to transport two abnormal autoclaves from Germany to Uzbekistan.

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Two out of gauge autoclaves with the length of 45 meters, gross weight of 87,000 kgs, and 3.6 meters in diameter were safely delivered for use in Uzbekistan’s industrial sector.

The project included transportation of autoclaves with four modes of transport. As a result, autoclaves under single transportation were transported by truck, barge, ship, and railroad transport. Every part of transportation included its own, successfully solved challenges and difficulties.

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One of the exciting challenges for this transportation was the organization and execution of safe heavy lifting operations. Five transshipments of cargo were safely executed under the supervision of survey and company representatives.

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· From: Germany to Uzbekistan
· Cargo: Out of gauge autoclaves
· Dimensions: 45 x 3.5 x 3.6 meters
· Weight: 87000 KGS
· Quantity: 2
· Industry: Industrial sector
· Types of transport: by trucks / by ship / by barge / by railroad
· Transshipments: 5

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Contact: Valds Stunzha <vs@11d19.com>