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Cuchi Shipping Co. Ltd, Vietnam Recently Moved Huge Cargo Locally to Vung Tau Port

Cuchi Shipping’s project team arranged the movement of the following oversized cargo from the factory to port yard at VungTau area from 23 -25 November 2021. Cuchi Shipping specializes in Oil & Gas cargo, as well as other OOG/heavy lift cargos, regularly handling cargo of major multinational clients.

· Breech Duct: LxWxH = 21,370 x 12,000 x 12,338 (mm)/ Weight: 266ton
· Silencer Duct: LxWxH = 18,300 x 12,000 x 11,484 (mm)/ Weight: 143ton
· Lower Stack Can: LxWxH = 18,300 x 12,000 x 10,993 (mm)/ Weight: 110ton
· Upper Stack Can: LxWxH = 18,300 x 12,000 x 9,655 (mm)/ Weight: 105ton


Our services include auditing the purchase order number to determine the cargo (hazardous, heavy lift / long length, fragile, high value, refrigerated...) and checking delivery schedules, method of transport, special transport requirements and related permits/authorizations, cost verification and documentation-requirements of each order.

For more information, please contact:David Tuan NGUYEN