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Everokgroup Shanghai Charters Entire BB Vessel to Move SOC Containers from China to North of America



Our good partner in USA found a problem of container shortage as there are so many containers needed to be moved to USA by container vessel, but there is little space & equipment for each voyage by container vessel. They looked to Everokgroup for a solution to move the shipment below quickly.

· Description: SOC containers
· Total: 116x20' GP SOC & 499X40' HC SOC

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To solve this problem, our project team found a good option - chartering the BB vessel and manufacturing our Everok containers. Our partner is delighted to get their containers on time. It’s just like the label on our containers, "Move with Everok - it's a smart idea"

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We hope more and more clients will book with EVEROK.

We have an experienced team operating the project cargo division, and we have the same goal - on-time and safe delivery for every shipment.

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Contacts: Julia Tian, Project Cargo Supervisor, juliat_sha@everokgroup.com
Billy Hu, CEO, billy@everokgroup.com