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AllCargo Israel Charters a Full Plane of Humanitarian and Medical Aid to Ukraine

AllCargo has arranged a full 35 ton Air-charter of aid to the Ukraine via Bucharest, Romania. Ido Bukobza, who is the Key Account Manager dealing with charter shipments of cargo for Covid 19-related matters since the beginning of the Corona crisis, took it upon himself to organize a Charter to aid civilians in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

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We scoured our market for people and organizations who were willing to donate their time and money for this operation.
· Arkia Air - donated a full Airbus 320 passenger plane for this operation
· Sheba Hospital in Tel-Aviv donated the cargo, including anything that might help from basic medical supplies, to blankets, and including diapers and baby food.
· AllCargo took care of the logistics of the operation, including the last mile delivery to Ukraine.

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Every available space, from the cargo hold to passenger seats was utilized for this shipment. The operation proceeded flawlessly and the civilians in need in Ukraine received the cargo!

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Contact: Yaron Eyal <yaron.eyal@allcargo.co.il>

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