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Global Shipping Services Completes Time-Sensitive O&G Shipment

Global Shipping Services (GSS) recently completed a very intense, time-consuming, and time-sensitive shipment for our # 1 client, an Oil & Gas / Renewable Energy customer.

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We started the process in October, looking at ways to meet up with their offshore vessel. Initially, it would be Guam, which is tricky as it’s a US Island territory in Micronesia, Pacific Ocean, which meant Jones Act vessels would be required, limiting our options. Then, they switched to possibly meet the vessel off Hawaii, so we had to review again and find options for Hawaii - again, the Jones Act is a limiting factor.

Then they discussed Singapore - starting again(!) - but we persevered and worked up options from Houston and Los Angeles to Singapore.

Finally, it came down to timing. When would the cargo be ready? Where could we meet the vessel in time to come into port? When to collect the equipment and mobilize offshore to the project location?

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The answer finally arrived end of February, and it was decided to go to Singapore. However, we needed the fastest transit time possible, which still meant routing all the way to Los Angeles for a 24-day transit time, with a direct sailing on CMA-CGM as Breakbulk.The cargo consisted of two breakbulk pieces, 65,909 kgs, and 56,818 kgs, plus 21 miscellaneous OOG pieces, which we would load on 7 x 40’ OOG flat racks.

The timing was now the problem, as the cargo was not ready until the very last minute, and we had to truck it 3,048 kilometers. Arriving late and missing the vessel was not an option. GSS chose a strong California trucker with a stellar reputation and excellent equipment. Not the cheapest, but the best we could find. California has the strictest road permitting rules for OOG & overweight loads, so we needed a California-based trucking company to handle these loads. Jamie Lee nominated Piazza trucking, Mike Piazza was our primary contact, and the communication was seamless.

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Loading day arrived, and I was on site at the loading point in Louisiana to coordinate truckers, cranes, and the customer yard personnel. After three long days on site, we were done with sore feet and legs. Then, we moved to the next phase - getting the cargo across the country to Los Angeles and getting the flat racks loaded and secured to meet the vessel cut off.

The Breakbulk pieces were direct delivery to the vessel Tackle - Tackle, and we could only enter the Port of Los Angeles one hour prior to our loading appointment at noon on Friday. After a few "issues" with the equipment, CMA-CGM managed to provide the flat racks, and we were on site at the port for the flat rack loading. Our Marine Warranty Surveyor was also in attendance to check lashing and securing due to the high cargo value. NCB was completed without incident.

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For Global Shipping, Texas, we consider it very important to be present on-site for the load out and be on-site at the terminals to ensure nothing goes wrong. "Never Assume" is my motto. Check, check and check it again. The vessel loading was incredibly smooth and fast. Both breakbulk pieces were loaded on board, lashed, and secured within two hours of pulling up alongside the vessel.Again, we were on site with our surveyor.

Being on-site at each handling point allows us to send live updates and in-progress photos to our customer. This was something the client’s Project Manager and the Logistic team really appreciated. The vessel loaded and sailed on time, on schedule.

I contacted everyone involved personally, from truckers, terminal managers, ocean carriers, and surveyors, to express our appreciation and thanks for a superb and professional job. GSS TX is successful due to the contributions of our strong partners (and good planning), and, in the end, our customer was extremely happy.

Onto the next one now. Norway, we think.

Meet us at the WCA Projects conference in Amsterdam and Breakbulk Europe, booth 2B70!

Contact: Paul McAuley < paul-mcauley@glship.com>