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Polaris Projects Division Handles Several Project Shipments

Polaris Shipping Agencies LLC (United Arab Emirates) project team was busy executing several project shipments recently. Few of the shipments were handled successfully as follows.

1) Receiving of Heavy Lift Rotor at Port Khalifa, Abu Dhabi, and Delivery to Receivers for Repairs

Polaris Projects was responsible for receiving 1 x Rotor with shipping dimensions of 14.328 x 4.500 x 3.880 Mtrs (LxWxH) and weighing 100 MT which was received from an under hook heavy lift vessel at Port Khalifa, Abu Dhabi. It's retained on stools/beam support to complete necessary formalities by receivers. Once their processes were completed, and the factory was ready to receive the heavy lift, it was safely delivered to Consignee. Our scope covered receipt from Under Hook inward vessel, necessary third-party independent route, cargo survey, shifting from discharge berth to temporary storage, final customs clearance, and road delivery to receivers - all completed safely and on schedule.

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Additionally, the above Rotor was shipped on Mv BBC Sapphire. Being agents of BBC Chartering in all Middle East Ports, we have an additional advantage of coordinating with our team, who controls the complete operation. As our Agency & Project Departments handled the entire local operation hand-in-hand, this greatly helps to ensure smooth operations and communications.

2) Shipment of Offshore Pedestal Cranes ex-Port Klang, Malaysia to Abu Dhabi

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Due to our successful handling of previous related shipments, Polaris Projects has been awarded another order for time-bound delivery of offshore pedestal cranes ex Port Klang, Malaysia to Abu Dhabi by the customer.

Combined with around 140 MT / 1150 freight tons, both shipments were awarded to Polaris by our overseas associates with a strict delivery deadline that was executed on time as agreed. Polaris's scope included receiving from alongside vessel, completing all related Customs requirements, third-party independent surveys, close coordination with Receivers, and smooth delivery to fit the Receiver's requirements strictly.

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Polaris Shipping Agencies LLC has been in business since 1992 and has become a leading agency and Project Logistics Company in the United Arab Emirates, offering diversified services to an established and global customer base.

Polaris represents several reputed European Heavy Lift Carriers as port agents in the Middle East / Persian Gulf ports. Hence, it gives our customers the convenience of dealing with a single Point of contact whilst working with Polaris for their heavy lift shipment.

To work with us, please get in touch with our BDM - Mr. Rajesh Damodaran at + 9714 8832586 / +97150 6507304 or rajesh@polarisdubai.com.