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Longer than Al ThumamaStadium's FIFA 2022 Football Yard, and TOKYO 2021 Olympic Pool, EGL transport the Biggest ever beam to move inside Cairo 20.5 Million Capital


Egyptian Global Logistics (EGL) believes any challenge, no matter how big or small, is better tackled as a team.

We have managed to move the Longest ever beams moved inside Cairo city, The 75 meters length, 135 tons weights, 3.5 meters high were moved by EGL skilled crew by using hydraulic modular turntables 16 axles lines per each modular from Alexandria city to Cairo 5th Settlement to fly over the monorail line.

Beam length: 75M
Beam Width 1.3
Beam Height 3.5
Beam weight: 135 Ton

The main challenge was the very limited time to install the beams due to the road closer during the wholly month of Ramadan and the movement with the buses in Cairo with such a giant shipment in one of the most cities with heavy traffic in the world during rush hours.

EGL used 2×8 axles lines Goldhofer modular with 2×300 tons turntable and 2 Mercedes 4×8 Prime Movers.

Click here to watch a video in YouTube.

Keep moving forward EGL

Contact: Ahmed Youssif <ahmed.youssif@eglegypt.com>