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EXG Completes Year-Long Project to Move 186 coaches / 43,900 FRT for a PSU from Chennai Port to Colombo for the Sri Lankan Government

Express Global Logistics (EXG) successfully completed a project to handle 43,900 FRT for a State-Owned Corporation. The cargo consisted of 186 coaches, 4 Driving Power Cars (DPC) and Diesel Multiple Units (DMUs) with dimensions of 20 x 2.93 x 4 (m) and weights ranging from 34 to 80 MT. The cargo was exported to Sri Lanka under an MoU between the Indian & the Sri Lankan governments.

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India-Sri Lanka's cooperation in the transport sector continues to expand with the arrival of 10 state-of-the-art railway passenger coaches at the Colombo Port. Sri Lanka is looking to extend its rail networks and increase the current capacities for which India has been a successful partner for decades.

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EXG seamlessly executed the movement in 9 lots of 10-20 coaches each, which were moved by rail from a state-owned manufacturing facility to Chennai port for final assembly and packing, ready for Colombo. Our seasoned operations and clearance team managed approvals from various government agencies, port authorities and vessel agents to execute the project. Our scope of work included receiving goods at the port, packing, port handling, customs clearance and delivery under hook.

EXG leveraged in-house hydraulic axles to support under-hook delivery without leaving the hook idle. Thus, we were able to meet the challenging timelines of loading the vessels. Our crew of 22+ personnel worked hard to synchronize the 3-day operation.

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EXG's asset management, heavy hauling and engineering teams coordinated to create detailed plans 20+ days in advance of the coaches' movement. This allowed EXG to fabricate the spreaders & saddle to flawlessly execute the project. EXG did not falter on its commitment and transported the remaining coaches and DMUs in close coordination with our client and stakeholders. EXG is proud to have kept its timelines by delivering on a project that is not only prestigious for the company but for our country too.

Contact: Mr. Vishvendra Singh <vishvendra.singh@expressworld.com>
Website: https://exglogistics.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/express-global-logistics/posts/?feedView=all