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isa – independent shipping agencies, Germany ships 48ts Boiler to Singapore-Batam

July 11th, isa Gmbh shipped a 48ts Boiler from Bremerhaven to Singapore-Batam. Cargo was loaded as Breakbulk on a Container vessel.

Container gantry crane arranged loading underutilization of a 20' spreader and a 20' lifting
frame equipped with soft slings which were shackled to the appropriate / designated lifting points on top of the cargo.

The boiler rested on a steel foundation welded to the boiler. Anti-sliding mats were used between the timber sections and the foundations of the unit. The unit was secured through 16 web lashings and fitted to the unit in suitable locations.

As requested by the vessel's Chief Officer, four additional web lashings were fitted to the steel foundation of the unit. isa GmbH, Hamburg is very happy to have performed this loading smoothly due to good preplanning with all parties involved.

For more information, please contact Frank Scheffler, isa GmbH: frank.scheffler@isa-ger.com