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PT. Gap Logistics, Indonesia Handles Difficult Open Sea Barge Loading to Kalimantan Delivery

PT. Gap Logistics handles the ongoing project in July 2022, arranging the ship-to-ship stevedoring transfer of cargo from Mother Vessel to a barge at open sea and Jetty, barge, custom import, stevedoring at Jetty until delivery at a site in Kalimantan, Indonesia.

BB Vessel from Tianjin to anchorage point Muara Berau, Kalimantan-Indonesia and Jetty at Pendingin Sanga Sanga, Kalimantan-Indonesia.

  • MV : Baoshan Star V.A2999E
  • Description : Steel Construction
  • Volume : 20,067 RT
  • ATA : July 14th, 2022

Ship to Ship from Mother vessel to Barge

Barge Robby II at Jetty

Mother Vessel Baoshan Star at Jetty

Delivery to site: Pendingin Sanga Sanga, Kalimantan-Indonesia

PT Gap Logistics specializes in oversize, heavy lift, and project cargo. Supporting with own flatbeds, low beds, warehouse and have good cooperation with barge owners and other heavy lift equipment.

We are the right partner for you in Indonesia.

For more information, please contact Erryana: gap-bdd@gaplogistics.com, Pricing desk: outbound-pricing@gaplogistics.com