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Global Shipping Services Houston Handles Unusual Resin Shipment

Global Shipping Services - Resin is normally shipped in containers, but due to the container shortage and space issues with the container carriers, the Resin shippers cannot get the equipment or the space, so we switched this to a Breakbulk charter option.

Cargo Details: 5,500 tons of resin, 212 full truck loads of pallets in 12 days + the 38 x 40’ SOC.

This was a very demanding shipment, due to the time restraints imposed by the carrier, the shipper, the warehouse/supplier and the tight trucking situation overall. With our dedicated team on site every day for a total of 24 days - 12 trucking days and 12 days of vessel loading - it was an extremely “high pressure” situation. The key to successfully moving this cargo was in our detailed planning and constant coordination with and between all involved parties. The work was non-stop, 10-11 hours every day with the GSS project team, truckers, warehouse, terminal/port, port Captain and Vessel Operator working closely together.

To add further difficulty, the outside temperature at the dock reached 116 degrees Fahrenheit (47 Celsius) and 130 (54 Celsius) inside the vessel holds. The work was long, hard, and hot, every day of the operation.

In the end, GSS team got the job done, further cementing our strong relationship with this client.

For more information, please contact Paul Mcauley: paul-mcauley@glship.com