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New Case - Globalink Logistics Group, Kazakhstan

Oil field Equipments from Dubai to Iraq:

Due to extensive oil exploration in the Middle East, oil companies often apply to Globalink for logistics assistance. Oil extraction is technologically an intensive process, due to which oil companies regularly require urgent transportations of additional equipments to oil fields. Competing with big regional and international players of the transport and logistics sector, Globalink Dubai won the tender for the transportation of oil field equipments from Sharjah, UAE, to Basra, Iraq. Globalink�s task was to deliver the cargo, weighing approximately 1000 MT, at destination in a short time frame. With the usage of chore crane, the cargo was loaded onto a vessel at Sharjah Port and from there the vessel departed for Umm Qasr Port. After arrival at the port oil field equipments were transported to its final destination in Basra 10 days before deadline. Quality of Globalink�s services demonstrates the professionalism of its team, and highlights the secret of company�s well established position in the market.