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Company ID : 11756
New Case - UT Freight Service Ltd., Taiwan

1. Our WCAPN member India is working together with a WCAF member Ghana to move 2 Nos. 66 MVA transformers, 68 pkgs, 117T @ 251 cbm to go to a site in Accra (East), at Agirigano and 1 No. 33 MVA transformer, 72 pkgs, 97T @ 227 cbm to Tafo in the East Ghanian Region. We look forward to seeing pictures of the move on our website case studies in due course.

2. A WCAPN member China is being assisted by WCAPN members India in the relocation of machinery and plant for a car and parts manufacturing facility with some pkgs exceeding 100MT each. There are several issues regarding the land route and various roadway obstacles which are currently under discussion. We wait to hear more about the outcome of the project bid.