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Wangfoong Transportation Ltd Hong Kong Moves Aircraft Engine for Export

Wangfoong Transportation Limited (Hong Kong), specializing in project cargo, recently handled another successful project cargo. The aircraft engine was picked up from China Aircraft Services Limited within Hong Kong International Airport area to export overseas.

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Cargo details:
· Aircraft engine: 606cm x 297cm x 316cm / 10,977kg
· Parts packed in wooden crate: 185cm x 175cm x 120cm / 100kg

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Scope of work:
· Provision of air rider picked up Aircraft Engine and wooden crate at China Aircraft Service Limited.
· Provided crane lifting, arranged proper lashing, including lashing material (Oversize tarp, lashing net, straps, dunnage wood)
· Transport cargo from the airport area to Wangfoong Depot for transloading (transload cargo from air rider onto 40FR for export)
· Deliver 40FR to export terminal after completion of loading and lashing

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Wangfoong operates our depot for storage and oversize cargo / heavy cargo and operates our barges for mid-stream operations in Hong Kong.

Contacts: Christina Tan <ctan@wangfoong.com.hk>
Cecily Chan <cecily.chan@wangfoong.com.hk>