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Overnight Clearance of Cryogenic Oxygen Tanks

The global Covid-19 pandemic has thrown people around the world into a new social and economic crisis. This highlights the need for urgent action to protect the population. Express Global Logistics (EXG) is committed to the movement of essential goods during the pandemic. Unexpected changes due to the surge in demand for Oxygen required a prompt response, and EXG stepped in. EXG performed an overnight import custom clearance of 17 ISO Cryogenic (Oxygen) Tanks at Panagarh Air Base, West Bengal on 3rd May.

We worked in close coordination with the Indian Air Force & Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs to clear the consignments that arrived on an Indian Air Force flight # C-17, air-lifted from Bangkok, Thailand.

A typical operation of two working days was achieved in one hour in the middle of the night between 1 am -2 am. The Central Excise & Custom Officers drove along with us for about 120 km to the Panagarh Indian Air Force Base, West Bengal for an on-spot clearance.

We have cleared 6 units so far, and the balance of 11 will be cleared this month itself. The tanks initially came in for West Bengal but are likely to be transported to Orissa and Bihar.

The crucial measures and SOPs that needed to be enforced to ensure the safety of the personnel were maintained by our team while reaching the airbase. To achieve this during a state-wide lockdown was challenging. EXG committed to speed up the distribution of these essential items and cleared the consignment in an hour.

This was a small contribution made by the EXG family for Indias fight against COVID-19.

Contact: Vishvendra Singh <vishvendras@expressworld.com>