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Global Shipping Services & Cuchi Shipping Work Together on Hydraulic Metal Press Machine to Vietnam

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Global Shipping Services & Cuchi Shipping Work Together on Hydraulic Metal Press Machine to Vietnam


Cuchi Shipping, Vietnam contacted Global Shipping Services to perform the origin services for this project, and we were pleased to work with a fellow WCA Projects member. They will take over the job to make the final delivery to their clients site in Vietnam.

The shipment consisted of 22 pieces of a DACH 165 Minster Press for Cupping and its accessories.

· 1 Breakbulk Crate 212 x 186 x 96 inches 147,000 LBS (66,818 KGS)
· 2 OOG Crates on 1 x 40FR 160 x 96 x 119 inches 17,703 LBS and 224 x 81 x 120 inches - 22,410 LBS
· 19 Smaller crates In gauge on 2 x 40HC

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Shipper sent Press and its accessories to Baltimore for Packing and Crating.

Shipment was time-sensitive, and had to depart the USA before the end of March.

The original plan was to move from Baltimore to Vietnam, but due to the width of the Breakbulk piece, equipment shortages in Baltimore, and time-sensitive material, we had to go via NY/NJ.

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Breakbulk was moved on a 13 axle truck from Baltimore to Elizabeth Port for a live load alongside the vessel.

2 OOG Crates were moved loose to trans load into 1 x 40FR in Newark, NJ, and then to Port Elizabeth.

2 x 40HC were loaded directly from the packer in Baltimore and moved straight to Port Elizabeth.

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All 22 pieces were loaded safely and on time on the CMA CGM Thalassa directly to Vung Tau, Vietnam.

Freight was handled by Bryan Faundez at Global Shipping Services, LLC. You can contact Bryan at bryan-faundez@glship.com