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Member Project Spotlight - Universal Logistics, China
13 May, 2019




Member Project Spotlight


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Universal Logistics China Completes Complicated Movement from Site to Port in North China



Universal Logistics Company Ltd completed a challenging project containing equipment of 10.50m long x 6.80m wide and 7.20m high, 53 tons from the manufacturing plant in North China to CIF destination in South Asia. Besides this odd-sized cargo, there is additional equipment as OOG shipped all together.

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Due to its over-size, trucking such a big item across the city area is impossible.  In order to tackle the difficulty in road transportation, the project team of Universal Logistics coordinated closely with the manufacturer and the Port Authority. We found a safe depot yard with convenient access to the port, good fire-prevention conditions and sufficient electricity supply to the assemble the final unit of equipment near the port to make the final road journey for the finished unit possible.


Meanwhile we enjoy good support from CSOCO for sufficient space and equipment supply, especially in the space tightness situation before the long public holiday of May 1st in China.


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With our considerable arrangement in every step involved, this Un-containerized cargo covered a possible short distance and was delivered into the port, and was safely loaded onboard as scheduled, together with other OOG shipments.


As an active forwarder specializing in OOG, Universal Logistics Company Ltd has been handling OOG shipments on daily basis, not only from/to China, but to worldwide destinations. We hope our good capacity and resources in OOG can be of benefit for other partners. 


I look forward to meeting my fellow Projects members at the WCA Projects conference in Amsterdam next week!


Contact: Jimmy Liu <jimmy.liu@u-logistics.cn>








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