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Member News Flash - Batteries from China to Germany in 10 days
03 Jul, 2019




Batteries from China to Germany in 10 days

Never so fast, never so reliable before





STALOGISTIC successfully started new service of cargo delivery by a direct truck from China to Europe. Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries that are ADR, sensitive to temperature, highly valued, were delivered from China to Germany flash-like for 10 days. This service is becoming more requested for any European company looking for a speedy delivery of goods from China.


It took 10 days for a Belarusian truck loaded with Rechargeable Li-ion Batteries for automotive to make a 9000 km journey from Manzhouli, China to Paderborn, Germany via Russia, Belarus and Poland.


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  • Rechargeable Li-ion EV Batteries which are not accepted by any other kind of transport
  • Dangerous cargo (ADR)
  • Temperature requirements - 0 °C
  • Expensive - 500 000 Euro
  • Mode of transport: Refrigerated truck



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Delivery method


The cargo was delivered from Fujian to Manzhouli by the consignor. We made a reloading from Chinese truck to ours on the warehouse in Manzhouli. Further the full truck followed without any reloading on the whole route.

The cargo was sensitive to temperature and the shipment was held in the conditions of the extreme cold weather in Siberia -30 – -40 °C. The driver sent daily reports on temperature mode and his location. At the end the consignee has received the detailed temperature diagram.


To the moment of present publishing 3 more trucks were delivered to Germany and proves the quality of a new service.


Feel free to contact STALOGISTIC’s experts:


Olga Yakovtseva

Foreign Key Account Manager: o.yakovtseva@stalogistic.com


Alexandra Ivanova

Head of procurement department: a.ivanova@stalogistic.com


Irina Sinyavskaya

Head of FCL trucking division: i.sinyavskaya@stalogistic.com








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