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Member Project Spotlight – Wangfoong, Hong Kong
22 Jul, 2019




Member Project Spotlight


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Wangfoong Transportation (Hong Kong) Delivers Heavy Lift Cargo Using Floating Crane, Barge & 500 T Mobile Crane



Wangfoong Transportation Ltd. successfully completed, unloaded and positioned all 3 transformers, 19 wood cases, and 8 containers within 2 operation days as following details.


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  1. Main body: 6,867mm x 4,543mm x 5,135mm / 170,000kg / 3 PCS
  2. Plywood Cases: 130.26cbm / 20,560kgs / 19 PCS
  3. Transformer oil: 8 x 20’GP SOC container


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Scope of work:

Provision of derrick barge to collect cargo under hook alongside inbound mother vessel. Transport cargo by barge to delivery site. Unload cargo onto 8 axles bogie and trailer by floating crane. Transport all cargoes on bogie and trailer from the Jetty to assigned area 1 and 2 along with escort cars. Provision of labor and 500-ton mobile crane for cargo unloading and positioning with jacking system.


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Prepare statement of work as well as risk assessment.

-          Method Statement

-          Lifting Plan with signature of lifting supervisor and RPE (Register Professional Engineer)

-          Temporary site use form

-          Barge Stowage Plan

-          WSWP (Written Safety Work Procedure)

-          A & D Testing form (Alcohol and Drag test)

-          Route Survey

-          PWRA form


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Wangfoong is focused on OOG & Heavy Projects; our clients include oil and gas, power, utility companies, airport, public transportation. We operate our own depot, barges, tug boat, heavy lifting crane. Other than Hong Kong, we also have offices in mainland China.


Contacts: Christina Tan <ctan@wangfoong.com.hk>

               Cecily Chan <cecily.chan@wangfoong.com.hk>








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