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Member Project Spotlight – DAS Global, Russian Federation
02 Oct, 2019




Member Project Spotlight


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DAS Global, Russia - Lifeboat Transportation is More Than Just Logistics


DAS Global Logistik arranged multimodal transportation of the Lifeboat carried for emergency evacuation in the event of a disaster aboard a ship for Russian OIL and GAS Mecca – Sakhalin Island. 


Lifeboats are one of the most important life-saving crafts onboard a ship, which is used at the time of extreme emergencies for abandoning a ship and is the main means of rescue for passengers and crew. They are also used for communication with the shore and outboard work.


Project scope: Multimodal delivery of OOG unique Lifeboat. Multi-modal aspect of this shipment was from port Vladivostok to destination, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. After receiving in Vladivostok port, we move the cargo to another terminal and re-shipped it to the final destination.


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Lifeboats are stored on both sides of one of the highest decks in the middle of the vessel. Tankers with a carrying capacity of more than 3000 tons should have at least four lifeboats: two on the aft superstructure and two in the middle of the vessel. On large vessels, boats are allowed in two tiers, two under one pair of davits.


Human beings and SAFETY FIRST are our top priority and this project is a mixture of these two underlying fundamental principles. 


DAS Global Logistik is focused on OOG & Heavy Projects for mining, construction, space, oil & gas and energy industries. 


Contact: Denis Kosyanenko <denis.kosyanenko@dasglobal.ru>








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