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Member Project Spotlight – STA Logistic, Belarus
07 Oct, 2019




Member Project Spotlight


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STA Logistic Arranged Multimodal Delivery of Reactor Tip from Italy to Belarus


In September 2019, STA Logistic has arranged the multimodal delivery of Reactor Tip from Italy to Belarus. Due to well organized preparation work and combination of professional partners - the cargo was delivered to the Mozyr Oil Refinery construction site in 24 days.


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Cargo: Reactor tip

Dimensions LxWxH (cm): 2280 x 500 x 543

Weight: 168.5 tons


Port of Ortona - port of Kherson, Ukraine - break bulk vessel

Kherson port - Mozyr oil refinery river berth - towing barge

Mozyr Oil Refinery berth - Mozyr Oil Refinery construction site - 14 axle road train


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The most difficult part of the route was from Kiev to Mozyr jetty. Due to bad weather conditions (storm) we had to stop moving for 2 days for safety reasons. Then, in Belarus we faced with another problem. The water level in the river Pripyat went down. To pass through some districts we had to drag the bottom. We also had to build a sand dump to block the jetty channel and pump the water into it. This allowed us to set the barge on a sand pillow and have a berth level appropriate for further RO-RO unloading. The cargo was, nevertheless, delivered in short terms, which was highly appreciated by the customer.


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We are proud to have successfully completed this difficult project safely and on time. The basis of success is high professionalism of STA Team and reliable partners on the whole route of shipment.


If you have interest to Belorussian market concerning arranging the shipment of oversized and heavy lift cargoes by different types of transport, we will be glad to be your Consultant and your Partner!


Contact: Suzanna Zhurik-Chashchina <suzanna@stalogistic.com>








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