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Member Project Spotlight – City Union Logistics, China
01 Nov, 2019




Member Project Spotlight


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City Union Logistics China Returned Liebherr Offshore Crane from Jaing Su Province to Singapore


City Union Logistics successfully completed a complicated returned crane shipment from a shipyard in Jingjiang, Jiang Su Province to Singapore in September.

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Although it is not a big project, only 668 CBM/132 Tons, it is a full set of offshore crane components, after disassembly and included several OOG pieces as below:


  • Pedestal: 453 x 355 x 330 cm / 14,500 kgs
  • Selwing Column:751 x 410 x 350 cm / 38,500 kgs
  • Winde and Frame: 430 x 315 x 377 cm / 28,500 kgs
  • Boom: 2130 x 474 x 330 cm / 45,000 kgs


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The crane was previously imported to China under Red book several years ago and most of the cargo and big wooden cases were stored outside all the time. Most of the wooden cases were damp and mildewed already, parts of the wooden case already covered by some moss. Plus, it is a returned shipment and nearly all cases had no lifting point mark or gravity center marks, which was forbidden to enter terminal.


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To compound the problem, the Shipper is just a trading agent, and the real shipper is not in China.  Plus, the crane was stored in a shipyard which did not belong to real shipper. We only had two days to get everything prepared and ready to catch the international vessel. So, all our work was done on a very urgent basis with much overtime to complete, but finally we completed all preparations.


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Scope of work included:


-         We required two days to coordinate with the Shipyard which cannot be controlled by real shipper to lift the cargo on our trucks safely for delivery to the terminal.

-         We designed the Lifting point and G Center Marks Model by ourselves and marked all the cases clearly.

-         Re lashing, reform and enforce the package

-         Deeply Clean the wooden cases

-         Customs Coordination for the Customs release on time.


Contact: Lisa Hong <lisahong@cityunion.com.cn>





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