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Member Project Spotlight - Mory TNTE, Malaysia
06 Nov, 2019




Member Project Spotlight


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Mory-TNTE Malaysia Supports a member of WCA Inter Global on Boat Move to Penang


At the beginning of October, Mory-TNTE helped a member of WCA Inter Global handles a shipment for their new client in Poland.


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The job was to organize transport of a brand-new Mary Fisher motorboat from Yacht Marina in Gdynia, Poland to Penang, Malaysia. The customer from Ukraine expected comprehensive service, inclusive picking up the boat from the marina, lashing/securing on a flatrack container, customs clearance, survey report for insurance, transport to Malaysia, local service and finally unloading into water in the Penang marina quay.


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Since it was the first such shipment for the client he expected almost daily support and advisory service, inclusive, for instance, fueling the motorboat during road haulage on the journey to the marina in Penang. 


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Thanks to the excellent cooperation between WCA Inter Global partner and Mory-Tnte Mondial Express and expert knowledge of both agent’s client was very satisfied with provided services. We expect new bookings in future due to this successful outcome.


Contact: N.Thaswin <thaswin@mory-tnte.com>





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