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Member News Flash – France Cargo International – COVID 19 Information
18 Mar, 2020




Member News Flash - France Cargo International - COVID 19 information


Message for our WCA partners about French update situation re Covid-19 virus.


In few hours our authorities are going to decide to apply partial black out in France and instruct French population to keep confinement at home for indeterminate time. All companies – offices – imports – exporters – warehouses – airlines – shipping lines will close and try to turn their work at Home as best as they can.


We will try our best to keep communications with WCA partners-agents and with our clients and suppliers for smooth operations during this difficult period.


Due to virus COVID19 spreading all over France, offices & warehouse will be closed for two or three weeks. Operations for air and sea, import and export will come to be slower and certainly to be stopped in the next days. Export and import customs clearance air and sea will be stopped too.


Please do not ship any cargo to France at that time without our agreement. We are not responsible for any storage – detentions – demurrages charges to the cargo and linked to the covid-19.


Our staff will try to work from home and will do its best possible to reply to you on time. Please accept our apologies in advance for any lack of timely replies. We hope this difficult period will not affect our good cooperation. We will do our best!


For more information, please contact Denis Mandil <dmandil@fci-cie.com>





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