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WCA Projects Conference 2020 Status
25 Mar, 2020

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WCA Projects Conference 2020 Status

Dear Members,
I am sure you are all wondering about the official status of the 2020 WCA Projects Conference in Hamburg in May. Given that the German government has only banned such meetings up to 30 April, we cannot claim Force Majeure.  We strongly
believe that this period will be extended into May, hence force majeure will be enacted, and the conference will be canceled.
We advise that you do not
make any further travel plans for this year’s conference at this time.
We are currently working on our contract for the 2021 WCA Projects Conference in Hamburg at the same venue, with tentative dates of 15-17 May, just prior to Breakbulk Europe 2021 (18-20 May). Once the contract has been finalized we will make a further announcement for next year.
Thank you all for your patience in this matter. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or assistance. 

Best regards,

Bruce Cutillo
General Manager
E: bruce@wcaworld.com






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