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C.A.T.T (Tunis, Head Office)
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CATT is able to offer total project management from the inception of your project throughout the project life due to its knowledge of the industry and its technical and engineering expertise. Our technical and commercial people become involved from initial planning and scheduling of the project though the follow-up during the life of the project, using a flexible expert approach, which is a vital part of any project management. CATT is able to conceptualise projects and take from initial stages through to completion. A key element is ensuring that the correct people are placed in key positions and resources are at their disposition in order to attain the client's objectives. Life of a project Project tracking is a key and vital element of any industrial project. The tracking will take you from the initial planning stage through to project execution. To have a successful project sufficient planning of all activities is vital. Project activities cover: • Planning • Tracking • Road / Air / SEA Transport • SEA FREIGHT BY LINER SERVICES • SEA FREIGHT BY CHARTER SERVICES • HEAVY LIFT TRANSPORT • AIR FREIGHT • CUSTOMS • MANAGEMENT OF IN COUNTRY AND SITE ACTIVITIES • QUALITY ASSURANCE • TRAINING OF LOCAL PARTNERS All industrial projects require throughout their life a structured and regular follow through. Our priorities are those of our clients. We can arrange transport services on a global basis on behave our clients. Using tried and tested methods, well known throughout the world of transport; we bring to our many years of expertise in project management. CATT offers lifting solutions for all your issues. Whatever your business, whatever the configuration, type, volume or weight of your goods, we guarantee adequate and effective delivery. In partnership with the lifting world leader in A.L.E. HEAVYLIFT we can supply cranes up to 5000 tons and use the jacking and skidding on rails. Our proven experience allows us to offer services tailored to each case, while ensuring the reliability of the operation. We carry on a simple request every feasibility study and implement the needed means for its realization. Our commercial and technical organization can prepare and realize your interventions in optimal conditions: • Preliminary site visit to assess the specific risks and define with you all necessary equipment for your needs (accessibility, height, offset, load) • Lift Plan writing • Taking on charges requests for road authorizations • Presence of a security coordinator when the type of the intervention required We operate mainly in the following sectors: • Industry • Oil Service • Electric Energy • Renewable Energy • Telecommunication Our operators are holders of regulatory training and qualifications necessary to carry out their functions and are fully versed in the most advanced lifting and handling. All our lifting gear are subject to regular monitoring by internal and a regular review by an approved body, alongside regular technical visits. YouTube channel: (http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsrYkoQwb20IPRpK1hQ_AFQ/videos).
Address: Imm Fatma - Etage M,
Avenue Du Jpon,
1073 Tunis, Tunisia

Telephone: +216 71 905 500
Fax: +216 71 906 224
Website: https://www.catt.com.tn/
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