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HLI Rail and Rigging, LLC (Houston, Head Office)
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United States of America
[Houston, TX]
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Aug 11, 2017
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Aug 10, 2022
HLI is a unique 3PL with a diversity of expertise which can help you win business and benefit the bottom-line! What makes us different? In addition to being a focused boutique freight forwarding partner here in the USA (and Mexico/Canada): • HLI are probably the busiest rail transporter of oversized cargo throughout North America. We do all of the rail clearances, provide good pricing due to the volumes we move, and provide railcars; either from our own fleet or hired as needed • Provide the best rail cargo insurance of any of our competitors at $5,000,000 per shipment. • Provide daily tracing reports, expeditor services and are ALWAYS at your destination to record the delivery process! • Regularly move cargo in the 400,000 lbs (182 MT) to 900,000 lbs (410 MT) range. • Provide complete engineered solutions for specialized loading/unloading/securing of cargo, including the rigging at destination with PE stamping if needed • Provide a cargo laser measuring service anywhere in the US/Canada/Mexico using our portable laser which is accepted by most US railroads and can be used to verify oversized road cargo dimension Provide load weighing service up to 400mt using our load weighing system anywhere in the USA/Canada/Mexico • We look closely at the transport options to destination, rail or not, and provide the most cost effective safe solutions for you to review and offer to your clients • We are the only company having a storage yard in Laredo, TX (on the USA/Mexico border) with two large cranes and two large forklifts to help with transloading of cargo either moving USA to Mexico or Mexico to USA. ALL transloads are fully insured. • Provide VERY competitive trucking options from your port of entry to destination in Mexico/USA and Canada. We have just purchased the largest railcar commercially available in the USA (20 axle Schnabel railcar with a 40' long deck insert and up to 1,100,000 lbs (500,000 kgs) carrying capacity to add to the fleet we already have under management. This railcar is anticipated to be operational during the Spring of 2018. Please see our project brochure here: http://www.wcaworld.com/common/download/broadcast/genlink/fileupload/2017-08-282017HLIbrochure7x9spreads_Resize.pdf
Address: 8900 Eastlock, Suite 215,
Spring, Houston, TX 77379,
United States of America

Telephone: +1.718.309.6693
Fax: +
Website: www.hli.us.com
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